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Trip to New York - March 2008

Many of the Society's members resident in North America are planning on gathering for a weekend of ringing at the new twelve at Trinity Church in New York City, the weekend of 7-10 March 2008. It would be wonderful to have members travel from the UK to join us. We recognize that that weekend unfortunately conflicts with a country meeting in the UK, which will obviously make it more difficult for folks to get away, but we would very much welcome any that are able to do so.

Ringing will start on Friday night, and continue through Saturday and at least Sunday afternoon. If there is sufficient interest it may also continue through Sunday evening or Monday morning. If sufficient interested people are in attendance there will probably be one or two peals attempted over the weekend. The rest of the time will be divided between practices by society members; practices with Society members working to help the new, local band; and quarter peal attempts.

Alan Regin has kindly offered to coordinate travel from the UK for anyone interested in going. If you are possibly interested in attending please contact him and Don Morrison for further information.