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March Country Meeting Report 2007

On Saturday the 10th of March we held our Spring country meeting in Northfield, Birmingham. Yes I know it's not exactly the country, but it is 'out of London' and gave a brilliant opportunity for many non-London and yes, true country members, to participate in the ringing and attend the meeting and supper.

It was a highly successful and well attended day with 42 people ringing peals and close to 100 attending the meeting and a round 90 for supper in the church hall.

Five out of five peals were scored (see below), and there were two open towers in the afternoon (Kings Norton and Northfield). The day was also an opportunity for most of those who are going on the SRCY Australia trip to get together for a briefing of what was afoot. At the main meeting which was held in the church, we elected 6 new members from Bristol, Lincolnshire, Herefordshire, Cheshire and the United States.

A fine spread afterwards in the church hall was organised by Margaret Edwards - a really enjoyable repast and most impressive considering only about 70 had been expected a week before. It was good to meet so many from most parts of the country, with both new and very longstanding members and all those between. It was also nice to see 4 members who recently celebrated 50 and 25 years of membership, Dennis and Mary Beresford, Peter Barker-Browne, and Paul Cammiade. We also made welcome the master of the 'other' society, there in his 'spousal' capacity.

Thanks to all those who made it such and enjoyable and successful occasion.

Do sign up for the next country meeting - as usual there is something for everyone: peals, general ringing, food, beer... You can do so on this site, or via the usual ticklist at practices, or by emailing me!

Penny Sharpe

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HANBURY, Worcs, St Mary V
Sat Mar 10 2007 2h45 (12)
5024 Rutland S Major
Comp. C Forster
1. Ann Smith
2. Joanna K Dorling
3. Josephine D Horton
4. Fiona M Wheeler
5. John J Ford
6. Ian V J Smith
7. Stephen A Wheeler (C)
8. Alan Regin

BIRMINGHAM, West Midlands, St Paul, Jewellery Quarter
Sat Mar 10 2007 2h54 (12)
5040 Cambridge S Royal
Comp. DF Morrison (No.5)
1. James W Belshaw
2. Simon J Davies
3. Shirley E McGill
4. Peter J Blight
5. Hilary A Beresford
6. Mary E Holden
7. Benjamin D Kipling
8. Benjamin F Ricketts
9. Donald B Carter
10. Colin M Lee (C)

KINGSBURY, Warwickshire, SS Peter & Paul
Sat Mar 10 2007 3h2 (17)
5056 Yorkshire S Major
Comp AJ Cox
1. Janet M Yeo
2. Catherine N Merlane
3. Julia A Lysaght
4. Peter V Rogers
5. Malcolm M Powell
6. Stuart D Piper
7. Richard M Hobbs (C)
8. Peter J Waterfield

SELLY OAK, W Midlands, St Mary
Sat Mar 10 2007 2h49(12)
5024 Bristol S Major
Comp. A J Cox
1. M Ann Bethel
2. Christine Andrew
3. Janet E Menhinick
4. Michael R Spencer
5. Rebecca J Cox
6. Barry D Mack
7. Anthony J Cox (C)
8. Graham A Duke

EDGBASTON, West Midlands, St Bartholomew
Sat Mar 10 2007 2h44 (10)
5120 Bristol S Major
Comp. S Jenner
1. Anne L Rueff
2. Deborah M Talbott
3. Philippa M Whittington
4. E Jane Sibson
5. Richard J Chandler
6. Derek E Sibson (C)
7. Stuart P B Talbott
8. Frank W Rivett