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July Country Meeting Report

The July country meeting was held in South Nottinghamshire, with many of the events based at or near the University of Nottingham.

As in previous years, peal attempts were organised for the Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately Friday the 13th struck for some of the peal attempts on the Friday, but a better success record was achieved on Saturday morning, and both Sunday peals were scored. Overall 16 out of 20 attempts were scored with over 55 members involved. There were four towers that were open for the general ringing on the Saturday as well.

Away from the towers, a good time was held at the Toby Carvery (where there was a good carvery which many enjoyed) on the Friday night. On the Saturday night there was a game of skittles where 10 teams fought it out, but in the end it was "Mr C's fan club" that came out as the winners. The dinner beforehand and the pub afterwards were also well attended with over 70 people enjoying the buffet meal as well as a refreshing drink after the skittles game.

Of course the main reason we were there was the meeting. This was held in Ancaster Hall on the Saturday afternoon where we elected three new members, two from South Yorkshire and one from the USA. We had the usual updates and reports, and at the end we said thanks to those who helped organise the weekend, including Andrew Cairns and his team of helpers, and Penny Sharpe for doing much of the collating of ringers, monies and organising of the bands.

Peter Harrison

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