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Competition Result: SRCY 2 - 1 ASCY

The second leg of the striking competition with the ASCY was completed at Spitalfields last night.

There were two contests: a 6-bell (240 Spliced S Minor) and 8-bell (a course of Glasgow) and the SRCY won both to overturn the 1-0 deficit from the earlier "away leg"!

It was good to welcome the ASCY to our practice and enjoy a drink afterwards. It was also good to see Rev. Andy Rider in the tower who popped up to welcome the ringers to Christchurch and wish us an enjoyable evening.

So, just as the CYs did at Cripplegate, we used our home advantage well and produced some really good ringing to take the honours this year. Thanks and congratulations go to those who rang.

Simon Holden

The bands that represented the SRCY:

240 Spliced S Minor ("The Cambridge six")

  1. JJ Ford
  2. Shirley McGill
  3. Jason Turnock
  4. John Loveless
  5. Ian Bushell
  6. Ian Fielding (C)

SRCY Judge: Simon Holden

Glasgow S Major

  1. Jo Dorling
  2. Stephen Wheeler (C)
  3. Fiona Wheeler
  4. Rona Joiner
  5. Ben Duke
  6. Frank Rivett
  7. Ian Campbell
  8. Alan Regin

SRCY Judge: Jo Fielding

Competition with the ASCY - First Leg Result

The "Away Leg" of the striking contest versus the ASCY took place on Tuesday 15th May at Cripplegate - both teams rang the same touch, 257 Stedman Cinques.

The SRCY team (below) acquitted themselves well, but was beaten into second place by a very good piece of ringing by the ASCY team.

The SRCY members were made very welcome at the practice beforehand and we enjoyed a convivial evening in the Counting House - thanks to the ASCY for hosting us.

So, hats off to the CY's for their piece of ringing..... we'll be looking to make the most of our home advantage at Spitalfields on Wednesday 13th June - when there will be two contests, on 8 and 6, with the practice beforehand beginning at 1830 as usual.

Simon Holden

The band who represented the SRCY:

  1. Joanne Fielding (C)
  2. Claire Roulstone
  3. George Unsworth
  4. Paul Caruana
  5. Ian Roulstone
  6. Mary Holden
  7. Peter Sheppard
  8. Doug Beaumont
  9. Ian Mills
  10. Simon Holden
  11. Oliver Cross
  12. Peter Harrison

SRCY Judge: Penny Sharpe