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No, not me..the Society!!

In traditional style the Society marked its significant Anniversary in London with peals 'n' meals. Three peals were scored and none lost. Lindsey S Royal at Kensington; 8-Spliced at Jewry and Swindon S Royal at the 'Ditch. For one member, the peal at Shoreditch provided the opportunity for a first "solo" visit to London. Not just a peal but an exciting adventure too. You'd have thought Alan Regin was a more confident traveller wouldn't you? No, it wasn't him but Ben, you rang very well, despite being very nervous.

After ringing, the Master held court in the Paternoster, close by St Pauls, where we joined another group, members of another London ringing society who had been somewhat less successful in their morning's tintinnabular challenge.

For many, the afternoon brought the opportunity to kick back, relax and ensure that thirst didn't spoil their time in our nation's capital. For 12 members however, the relaxation was replaced by mounting apprehension. The Society had been granted permission for a quarter peal attempt at St Pauls. No matter how many times those steps are climbed, it's still a daunting place to ring and, despite considerable nerves, Bristol Maximus was scored with suitable coaching tips and terms of endearment supplied by our conductor, sweat glinting on his brow! Thanks must go to Paul Mounsey and the Cathedral authorities for this privilege.

With the stressful bit out of the way, everyone's focus could now centre on the evening's conviviality. More than 50 members gathered at the City Pipe in Foster Lane. Many who had been ringing during the day were to be seen donning glad-rags, transforming themselves from ugly ducklings into swans in the cloakrooms. With the air of one to the manner born, a well-known member was to be seen in the cloak-room prior to the meal, attempting to maintain his trousers in the "up" position by using a phone charger flex for a belt (we are nothing if not resourceful). Was that the power-block I spied or was he just pleased to see me?

A pleasant meal followed, augmented by a timely supply of chips and, equally welcome... more chips! As is usual on occasions such as this, opportunities arose to renew and create friendships, catch up with news and generally set the world to right. However there was a purpose to our evening and in a wide-ranging speech, the Master expounded with some erudition on the magnitude of his thirst and the importance of marking the Society's Anniversary. During the entire length of his speech a pin could have been heard hitting the floor, such was the power of the Master's oration. At the conclusion we stood and raised our glasses in a toast to the Society which we all love.

Thanks to all who played a part in making the day a success, we all appreciate it. See you all at the AGM in October!

Simon Rudd

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CITY OF LONDON, Greater London
St Lawrence Jewry
Saturday, 8 September 2007 in 3:05 (24)
5056 Spliced Surprise Major
8m: 704 Lincolnshire & Superlative, 672 Rutland, 608 Cambridge, Pudsey & Yorkshire, 576 Bristol & London: 139 com, atw
Composed by: A N Tyler
1. Paul A Cammiade
2. David C Bath
3. E Jane Sibson
4. Janet E Menhinick
5. Michael H D O'Callaghan
6. Derek E Sibson (C)
7. Claire F Roulstone
8. Ian K Bushell
On Society Dinner Day.

St Mary Abbots
Saturday, 8 September 2007 in 3:24 (32)
5040 Lindsey Surprise Royal
Composed by: Arr. J W Belshaw
1. Christine Richardson
2. Elizabeth A Hibbert
3. Julia A Lysaght
4. Anne M Brechin
5. David E Cloake
6. Nicholas M W Haggett
7. James W Belshaw (C)
8. Peter I Harrison
9. Stephanie J Pattenden
10. Ian G Campbell
On Society Dinner Day.

SHOREDITCH, Greater London
St Leonard
Saturday, 8 September 2007 in 3:08 (25)
5040 Swindon Surprise Royal
Composed by: I R Fielding
1. Penelope J V Sharpe
2. Fiona M Wheeler
3. Joanna K Dorling
4. Catherine N Merlane
5. Peter J Blight
6. Benjamin F Ricketts
7. Simon A Rudd
8. Simon R Holden (C)
9. Alan Regin
10. Colin M Lee
On Society Dinner Day.

CITY OF LONDON, Greater London
Cathedral Church of St Paul
Saturday, 8 September 2007 in 1:06
1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus
1. Ian R Fielding (C)
2. Claire F Roulstone
3. George Unsworth
4. Joanne R Fielding
5. Catherine N Merlane
6. Mary E Holden
7. Colin J E Wyld
8. Colin M Lee
9. Peter W J Sheppard
10. Simon A Rudd
11. Alan Regin
12. Simon R Holden
On Society Dinner Day.