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Eastern Practices

You may know that there is already a regular SRCY northern practice held at Stockton each month. There have been various discussions about doing something similar in the East so we thought we should try it out.

The main aim of this practice will be to provide a regular opportunity to meet and ring with other Cumberland members in East Anglia, but we also hope that it will provide a good platform for those interested in joining the society to come along and see what we're about.

Our aim will be to meet on the first Thursday of every other month at a different 12-bell tower in the region. It is important to stress that we have no pre-conceived ideas as to how this might evolve. We simply chose Thursdays as it seemed to clash least obviously with other "distractions". If there is a desire to get together, but in a different format, then we are happy to give it a try. In order to give the scheme a good trial, we decided to go for at least 3 practices before reviewing whether it is a worthwhile project or whether, although a nice idea, it isn't supported or practical.


The first three practices are set for 7.30-9pm as follows:

Thursday 4th October

St Peter Mancroft, Norwich

Thursday 6th December

Great St Mary's, Cambridge

Thursday 7th February


You can see these on the Practice List page and they will also appear on the front page for the two weeks leading up to each practice.

Simon Rudd has agreed to run the practice (so if you have any questions about methods do contact him) whilst George will arrange the towers and other details.

Would you be interested to help us get this venture started? Perhaps you could let George know?

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in October.

Simon Rudd / 01953 498655 / 07957 406172

George Unsworth / 01223 742399 / 07736 616662