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Olly & Mary Cross' Wedding

On Saturday 26th May Olly Cross and Mary Sloman were married at St Mary the Virgin, Prittlewell. Mary looked stunning and Olly looked stunned, as the best man (Ian Fielding) commented in his speech later in the afternoon. The bells were rung before the service by a University of London band ringing Cambridge Major and rumour has it that Olly himself took a starring turn in this piece of ringing but unfortunately lost the ability to say plain hunt at the appropriate place at the half course for it to come round in a tidy style. Nevertheless nerves seemed not to be in evidence throughout the service despite the very large congregation who had gathered to support them on their day. The ringing after the service was provided by an SRCY band ringing Bristol Royal. All band members were indebted to Olly for not following through with a previously mooted plan that the method would be spliced Prittlewell and Gosforth. Thank goodness Olly had already learnt to listen to Mary.

The reception followed at the Chichester Hotel in Wickford, where a superb meal was complimented by some entertaining speeches. The father of the bride was first to entertain the crowd by informing Olly that Mary came with a dowry in the form of a number of soft toys which had been for some time stored in the Sloman home but were now in a Pickford's van in the car park ready for him to take away. Then Olly himself gave a speech which was longer than what the majority of the room were expecting, some of whom had previous experience of Olly's oratory skills. After thanking a number of people who had assisted in the arrangements for their day, Olly toasted the bridesmaids. The best man responded on behalf of the bridesmaids and then said a few words about the groom, referring to him as a big Andrex Puppy. How appropriate that Mary should be gaining another bug cuddly toy to add to her existing collection!

The evening reception was an opportunity for many to show off their dancing "skills". The photos do justice to this far more than any words could, so browse through the images which were taken by Peter Harrison, to judge for yourself.

Mary and Olly depart to the Caribbean for a three week honeymoon. We all wish them well in their married life together.

Photo of Olly and Mary