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AGM days started with peal attempts for 34 members, dispatched to 4 corners of Greater London with success at all the venues.

Andy Rider at SpitalfieldsMembers then descended on Spitalfields and welcomed the Rector, Andy Rider, up the tower for a short ceremony to mark the refurbishment of the ringing room. Alan Regin (Steeplekeeper) thanked the Friends of Spitalfields who paid for the work and the Master echoed his words before a touch of Bristol was rung. Andy responded on behalf of the church and Philip Vracas (representing the Friends of Spitalfields in his capacity as Treasurer) proposed a toast to the Society (we all had glasses of pop by this stage!). The general ringing didn't suffer from the alcohol intake and a recording was made that should appear on the website shortly.

Members at the AGM70 people attended the Business meeting and AGM. There was some lively discussion, reflecting some of the significant issues the Society has recently been addressing. The Society remembered several well known members who have sadly passed away since the July meeting. Some moving, personal and amusing tributes were paid to James Mossop, Richard Hedges, Nancy Bramley, Roy Harris, Marion Perryman and Joan Summerhayes.

The Master with the new membersThe Society elected three new members who were strongly recommended to the meeting: Tom Mack, Hugh Wilkinson and Richard Turk. It was good to see them all at the meeting and to welcome them to the Society.

The OfficersThe Master paid tribute to the departing Officers for their respective significant contributions to the Society: Richard Hobbs (Librarian), Penny Sharpe (Assistant Secretary), Jo Fielding (Senior Steward) and Philippa Whittington (Secretary) will be sorely missed and have been fantastic servants to the Society over recent years.

With the business completed (a little later than hoped) everyone adjourned to the Haz restaurant for a convivial meal that was brilliantly organised by Penny.

View photos from this event in our gallery.

St Peter
Sat Oct 6 2007 2h25 (4)
5056 London S Major
Comp. A J Cox
1 Anthony M Bulteel
2 Richard M Hobbs
3 Gabrielle L Cowcill
4 Anne M Brechin
5 Christine M Carter
6 Penelope J V Sharpe
7 Stephen A Wheeler (C)
8 Peter J Waterfield

ELTHAM, London SE9
St John Bapt
Sat Oct 6 2007 2h56 (10)
5024 Lincolnshire S Major
Arr. J W Belshaw
1 Elizabeth A Hibbert
2 Simon J Davies
3 Anne L Rueff
4 Peter W Wilkinson
5 Shirley E McGill
6 Catherine N Merlane
7 James W Belshaw (C)
8 Stephanie J Pattenden
100th peal for the society: 3

POPLAR, London E14
Christchurch, Cubitt Town
Sat Oct 6 2007 2h46 (10)
5088 Bristol S Major
Comp. R J Angrave
1 Peter J Blight
2 Janet E Menhenick
3 Benjamin D Kipling
4 John J Ford
5 Mary E Holden
6 Andrew V Brown
7 Oliver D Cross (C)
8 Simon R Holden

HACKNEY, London, E9
St John-the-Baptist
Sat Oct 6 2007 2h50 (16)
5040 Cambridge S Royal
Comp. J Clatworthy
1 E Jane Sibson
2 Rosemary J Duke
3 Joanna K Dorling
4 Philippa M Whittington
5 Michael H D O'Callaghan
6 Russell A Brown
7 Graham A Duke
8 Derek E Sibson (C)
9 Alan Regin
10 Frank W Rivett
225th peal and 25th anniversary of first peal: 4.
750th peal: 6.