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2006 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Society of Royal Cumberland Youths AGM took place on Saturday 7th October, 2006 at St Leonard, Shoreditch.

Seventy members were in attendance for a lively meeting. Notably - the Society thanked James Belshaw (who was not seeking re-election as Honourary Treasurer) for his tremendous work during his period of office and for the style in which he carried out the role. Mary Holden was elected as his successor. All other officers remain unchanged. Peals were rung in the morning as detailed below and unfortunately an attempt was lost at Eltham. A peal was rung for the Suffolk Guild, organised by Stephen Pettman, which included 11 SRCY members and the soon-to-be-elected Katie Hill (one of 9 new members elected). Thanks are due to Stephen for involving Suffolk members and friends in this way.

The majority of those present at the meeting adjourned to the Haz restaurant for an excellent Turkish meal; organised by Penny Sharpe.

WESTMINSTER, Greater London, Liberties of St Martins in the Fields
Sat Oct 7 2006 3h27 (29)
5040 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Comp. J Clatworthy
1. Elizabeth A Hibbert
2. Fiona M Wheeler
3. Shirley E McGill
4. Philippa M Whittington
5. Catherine N Merlane
6. Roderick R Horton
7. Richard M Hobbs
8. Mary E Holden
9. Andrew V Brown
10. Douglas J Beaumont
11. Simon R Holden (C)
12. Claire F Roulstone
On SRCY AGM day.

LONDON, St Olave, Hart St
Sat Oct 7 2006 2h53 (11)
5184 Rutland S Major
Comp. G N Bradshaw
1. Nicola E Firminger
2. Jill Belcher
3. Stephen Borman
4. Ian K Bushell
5. Michael Angrave
6. Peter V Rogers
7. Stephen A Wheeler (C)
8. Peter J Waterfield

Sat Oct 7 2006 2h38 (13)
5024 Bristol S Major
Comp. D F Morrison
1. E Jane Sibson
2. Joanna K Dorling
3. Anne L Rueff
4. Peter M Wilkinson
5. Michael H D O'Callaghan
6. Derek E Sibson (C)
7. Ian G Campbell
8. Alan Regin

LONDON, St Leonard, Shoreditch
Sat Oct 7 2006 3h22 (25)
5042 Yorkshire S Maximus
Comp. S D Pettman
1. Diana M Pipe
2. Stephen D Pettman (C)
3. Mary S Garner
4. Katharine A Hill
5. Ruth Eagle
6. Anne M Brechin
7. Mary E Dunbavin
8. Christine R Hill
9. Linda M Garton
10. Adrian Knights
11. Peter W Hill
12. John P Loveless
42 birthday compliment to Kate Eagle, mother of 5.